Friday, July 06, 2007

Home on the Range

Seven years ago, Madeleine and I drove from the Canadian Rockies to Minneapolis, passing through Medora, ND, where we were asked: "Are you going to the show?" Having been in the car for weeks, we had no interest in whatever cheesy entertainments North Dakota had to offer. We pressed on. In the interim, hundreds of (or at least 5) people have asked me, upon my mention of NoDak, "Have you seen the SHOW in Medora?"

Wes and I drove the same stretch of road this week and righted this oversight. The Medora Musical is $32 worth of campy song and dance, a piano-toting yodeler, and a large plush bear that they refer to as the sheriff. Most impressive, the ampitheatre in No. Dakota's badlands seats 3000. The show runs every night, all summer. And, on the Thursday that we passed through, at least 2000 of our closest friends were drinking in the family fun.

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