Saturday, October 19, 2002

Hello Anzengruber! Discovery of the World's most outgoing and well-traveled Brachiosaurus

by Stephanie Anderson

One day, during a unlucky streak which included being unemployed, breaking a window, contracting tonsillitis, being kicked out of a flat, doused in boiling water, and 3 pianos falling on my head, I was on the No. 62 Streetcar in search of somewhere to live. There was a scuffle under my seat (which can probably be attributed to me tripping over my own feet) and a small dinosaur popped his head out.

As this Brachiosaurus was already strapped into his leash and with no owner to be found, I decided I had better take him for his walk (I mean really, who knows the last time he had been out?). As we strolled up Anzengruberstrasse towards a potential dwelling, I christened him after that very street.

Since then, Anzengruber has had many adventures, made many friends and traveled the world. He has gone swimming in Switzerland, hiking in the Alps, and shopping on Vienna’s chic-est street: Karntnerstrasse. His sixteenth birthday (determined by carbon dating and the year stamped into his plastic stomach) will be celebrated this weekend by friends around the world.
Please stay tuned for Anzengruber’s life and times to come.

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