Sunday, February 23, 2014

Guerrero: Swanky Art Capitol of Mexico

The best thing about traveling is making friends with locals. A number of years ago, I spent a winter in Ixtapa, Guerrero and made a friend who was a surfer, and an architect on the side. Now, he is an architect that still surfs. His latest accomplishment is opening a hip "surf & life" store called LOOT in Zihuatanejo. While we were visiting, he invited us to an art show that rivals any I have ever attended, in any city, anywhere.
On Saturday night, LOOT was the place to be. People flew in from Mexico City (not to mention all the Americans and Canadians in attendance) to attend the art show of Miguel López Vázquez. The event began at 7pm and went until after 2am-- we stayed the whole time: I have never enjoyed art so much.
Miguel gives a short speech about his art while Andrés surveys his kingdom from above
It began with a wealthily crowd of art buyers-- wonderful fresh fish appetizers were served with champagne and people bought $400 painted dogs alongside very large, very expensive paintings.  Later, DJs Salon Acapulco turned it into a dance party, and all the locals and beach bums showed up to carry the party through the night.

One of many painted dogs checks out one of many paintings

The artist free styled caricatures as guests arrived

Everybody Salsa!

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